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Archy - Built for Speed (Surf-DVD)

Archy - Built for Speed (Surf-DVD) bestellen
Archy - Built for Speed (Surf-DVD)
Matt Archbold is one of surfing's ultimate icons. From his beginnings in San Clemente, California to his current home on Hawaii's north shore, 'Archy' takes us along on every step of his career and story. From grom to aerial innovator, maverick to stylistic icon, from father to rock bottom, then to renewed respect and redemption, 'Archy' is the uncensored story of it all.Presented by multiple award winner Bill Ballard and Billygoat Productions. Formed in 1993, Billygoat Productions is known world wide for its cutting edge, award winning surf films. With over 25 surf films under their belt, numerous TV shows and 1 offroad film on Nascar star Robby Gordon, BGP has literally gone to every corner of the planet to bring you some of the most amazing images in action sports today. Self taught cinematographer, Bill Ballard over the years has filmed with or owned virtually any type of camera possible, Hi-8, Digital Video, Beta, HD, Super 8, 16 and 35mm, all mediums have been used to produce the images you see in the films.As with all world class action sport directors, BGP has been blessed with being surrounded by some of the most amazing surfers, Sunny Garcia, Andy & Bruce Irons, Kalani Robb, Kelly, Archy and so many others have been the ones responsible for the success of our films. Whether filming giant waves on the outer reefs of Hawaii, hanging out of a helicopter at 100 mph filming trophy trucks blaze thru Baja or avoiding Malaria infested mosquitoes sitting on some remote beach deep on the equator, BGP has gone to all lengths just to get the shot.Producer: Billygoat ProductionsCountry: USAYear: 2008Format: NTSCLanguages: English

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